Jewels from my feedback treasure chest

„When it comes to me and the quality of my work, I always ask my clients and readers for their opinion.
The many supportive feedbacks are a particularly valuable treasure for me.“


Orientation Coaching

Margret Boomers, COO AIG/Lincoln

„Satisfied with my professional achievements and quite settled in my area of work, I had the strong urge to take a look at my comfort zone and decide on my next career move from a different perspective. Associazione Villa d´Asso is the perfect setting for liberating your mind from the ticking of the daily schedule, responsibilities at work and duties of private life. Endlessly rolling Tuscan hills, gentle sounds, the colours of the surrounding nature and, most importantly, the wonderful hosts who sensitively provide for physical and mental space, invite you to plunge into your coaching world airily without hesitation. Side note: actually, you could also plunge into the pool right in front of your door step – a wonderful way to exercise in between!!! Summarizing my experience, my thoughts flowed clearly and freely in a manner that is hard to duplicate in a home environment. What is more, I loved the rural atmosphere of the place, I loved my beautiful, spacious and very tastefully decorated apartment, and last but not least I loved my fresh, healthy, just fantastic breakfast. And I am considering returning in winter time …“

Lukas K., VP Sales

„I don’t want to exaggerate, but I am now convinced that this time will prove to be a turning point in my later life. I sincerely thank you for this. The atmosphere at your place in Tuscany and your professional and kind care will always remain fondly in my memory“

Marc N., Director Finance

„Our work together has made a great deal of intellectual impact on me and a knot seems to have been untied. I am already in the middle of working through and implementing my action plan – which became very clear to me in Tuscany“

Silvie M., GM

„I often think back positively to those days I spent with you in Tuscany. The coaching I received there made a number of life-changing shifts for which I will always be grateful.“


Management Coaching

K. Milanovic, GM Dior East

“I had a pleasure to participate at the number of workshops run by Cristina, both in Germany and Poland. Crisitna is an extremely engaged and committed workshop leader. She makes sure that everybody is treated individually and at the same time she creates an amazing team ambiance. Cristina is always preparing a very tailor made solution and tries to learn about participants and their needs as much as possible. As a consequence meetings with her are full of trust, openness and honesty. She makes sure that the spirit of the workshop is fun and at the same time every difficult topic and challenge gets addressed. Participants leave the workshop motivated, often relieved and inspired for the future. The relationship between team members is never the same as before. Crisitna is always following up on the progress of the team and makes sure that workshop insights are being used for the better future collaboration. I am very honoured to get to know Cristina and be able to profit from her deep knowledge and professional experience. Thank you so much for all that.”

Dr. S. Hennersdorf, Managing Director Germany

“Working with Dr. Barth Frazzetta our management team reflected on behavioural mindset to optmize team interaction and overcome “silo-thinking” in particular in difficult situations or when working under pressure. In personal coachings of board-members Dr. Barth Frazzetta was a trustable, unbiassed and inspiring counterpart. Dr. Barth Frazzetta provides a broad expertise and skilled experience in any situation of coaching, teambulding and interaction. Communication and cooperation with Dr. Barth Frazzetta have always been pleasant and uncomplicated.”

S. Tangermann, Board Green Planet Energy eG

„Competent, systemically thinking, solution-oriented, strong in opinion. For many years I have really appreciated working with
Ms. Barth Frazzetta!“

N. Müller, Board Green Planet Energy eG

„For more than six years, Dr. Barth Frazzetta has been supporting our management team in important strategic and personnel issues. Her years of experience enable her to quickly identify internal problems and provide practical assistance in preparing management decisions on a large scale.“



C. Strasoldo-Graffemberg, CEO GAGA Group

“Looking for a sparring partner for my personal career development I met Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta. The exhilarant mix of empathy, humour and challenging strictness suited me perfectly so she became my personal coach for one whole year. Working with Dr. Barth Frazzetta I further enhanced my leadership skills, strengthened authenticity in my management style and developed a deeper understanding of my personal priorities. Her sensible advice helped me find pragmatic solutions while considering the big picture. Therefore, I can say her coaching made a commendable contribution to my being an executive today.”

Marion Kaehlke, HR Director, Monedo Holding GmbH, Germany

“Cristina has enabled our leaders to do more with their lives through transformational coaching. She has helped our leaders unlock their hidden capabilities, manage their emotions, upgrade their energy and deliver better results faster. She works from the inside out – starting with the dominant values, energy and emotions – because it’s impossible to deliver real change unless you really address the core of who you are and what really drives you. She does not treat symptoms, she gets to the root cause. Her approach is multidimensional and integral. Change has been visible, enjoyable and sustainable.”



A. Schabert, Director – Packaging Development, Beiersdorf AG

“Strategic decisions in our company required significant changes to procedures, responsibilities and reporting. After we had reflected on the implications for our department my management team and I informed our 40 employees. The necessary adaptions were discussed and understood. However, even though our people agreed to the plans, status thinking, habitual behaviour and old antagonisms were still present. It was obvious that to implement the desired objectives we had to motivate people to move out of their comfort zone!

In Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta we found a consultant who supported us with a lot of creative ideas for moving people. In a playful and subtle way she made our crew “look in the mirror” to become aware of weak points and obstacles while having a lot of fun. The effect this small irritation caused by reflection had was amazing: in workshops the staff talked openly about necessary attitude and mindset changes and drew up with great motivation their own to do lists to implement the strategy in our department – in the period following most of it was achieved as well! People still talk about the event, which was professionally organized, well documented and accomplished with great reliability by Dr. Barth Frazzetta …“

Sylvia Latimer, Global VP Skincare Beiersdorf AG

“We had a team coaching with Cristina Barth Frazzetta for two multi-national teams who work closely together. Over the course of three days we gained a profound understanding, not just of the individual team members but also of the team composition and how to maximise our joint potential. Due to Cristina´s coaching we worked out how to strengthen great team dynamics and how to tackle difficult ones. Her subtle interventions and personal attention combined with the beautiful surroundings, shared experiences and very enjoyable evening activities made for a memorable coaching with really lasting effects in the team. I can only recommend this to any team“

Hauke Hagemann, Philips GmbH
Business Segment Leader Office, Industry and Trade

“We decided to hold our Sales Strategy Workshop with our Executive Coach Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta at her Villa d´Asso Center in Tuscany. It turned out to be the best decision for the purpose because we not only received our top coach – what we already knew – but also a perfectly organized high level package in a beautiful environment embodying nature, simplicity and silence. From the airport we were shuttled to our destination in the heart of Tuscany to find an unpretentious, elegant hotel and meeting place where we were spoiled with delicious meals and an abundant break time service with regional specialties, to say nothing of the smooth and punctual technical organization of the conference.
This alone would be reason enough to choose Associazione Villa d´Asso for team reflection and strategic planning conferences, but there is something more about this place that is subtle but important nonetheless: the distance from loud, hectic everyday life, the medieval atmosphere and the beautiful natural setting had an important impact on our meeting. It was easy to attend to our main topics efficiently and to focus on the most important goals for our business. The outcome was that all team members gained a more profound understanding and deeper commitment to the matter, which was sustained even when we got back to normal routine.“



M. Hummel , Managing Director, Doclights GmbH

“Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta stands out as a coach through clarity, strength, empathy and a lot of life experience. She supports women to be strong, appreciative leaders, not to imitate male behavior, but to develop female strengths.“

Dr. med. dent. M. Barvencik , practice owner

“The Coaching Circle has helped me to recognize my own possibilities in a professional context and to use them more effectively. With her wonderfully personal way of organizing meetings and her talent for analyzing and classifying situations, Dr. Cristina Barth-Frazzetta gives the participating female entrepreneurs the opportunity to further develop their leadership qualities, to keep track of difficult situations, to conduct employee interviews with confidence and to develop effective conflict management. I was given methods of resolution for future situations and gained insights into my own behavioral patterns, which led to a better handling of my team as well as within it. This radiates through my entire team in their daily lives, which naturally has a positive effect on our patients and business partners. Should the Coaching Circle be offered again, I would definitely try to participate again. Many thanks to Dr. Cristina Barth-Frazzetta…”

Bernadette Brysch, founder and managing director of circé safer skincare

„The Coaching Circle with Cristina Barth Frazzetta is something very special. In her coaching sessions there is an inspiring and benevolent atmosphere. You are constantly learning something new about yourself and receive valuable feedback from Cristina and the other participants, as well as concrete suggestions for action that can be implemented immediately in everyday work. The four hours were always over far too quickly.“


Health Coaching

I have changed the names of the feedback providers here. This is to protect my clients and also because I am bound by medical confidentiality in my health coaching sessions.

Siegfried G., entrepreneur

„Some time ago I had reached a point where I had the feeling that I was not getting any further, both professionally and privately. In fact, I felt very burnt out and had reached my limit. In a health coaching retreat with Doctor Barth Frazzetta I was able to recover and gather new energy as well as reflect on my situation. With her support, I was able to find solutions for me that have changed my life in a lasting positive way. I am very grateful to her for her very professional and at the same time emotional work with me“

Anna W., FMCG Controlling Managerin

„There are thousands reasons why we need to speed up in life, overcome obstacles fast, decide under pressure, make difficult choices – all those activities kept me hyperactive in my professional life and strangled my thoughts hours after leaving the office. Life pace will not change but we can handle it differently – this is what I learned during coaching sessions with Cristina – among peaceful hills of Tuscany. Accompanied by birds, butterflies and nature it is easier to acknowledge what is a primary human need – TO BE HAPPY. And this happiness is only possible with a harmony. It took me one emotional week to find not only reasons why I lost it in everyday life but I was also equipped with a box of ideas how to move on. Enriching coaching with the great surroundings, delicious Italian food full of herbs and closeness to nature is pushing the effects on a higher level. The SPA offer is carefully adjusted to the needs. On top lovely, hospitable hosts that leave you a lot of space for just being with yourself. This was the best training I ever got in my life and it definitely changed my way of life for better. I highly recommend it.“


Advanced training in systemic coaching

A. Pichler, Director Hotel Adler Thermae Spa

“Some time ago I had reached a point where I had the feeling that I was not getting any further, both professionally and privately. In fact, I felt very burnt out and had reached my limit. In a health coaching retreat with Doctor Barth Frazzetta I was able to recover and gather new energy as well as reflect on my situation. With her support, I was able to find solutions for me that have changed my life in a lasting positive way. I am very grateful to her for her very professional and at the same time emotional work with me“

Dr. med. C. Steingässer, orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist

“In 2016 I trained as a systemic business coach with Dr. Cristina Barth-Frazzetta. Dr. Barth-Frazzetta has many years of experience as a coach in addition to her high level of professional competence. And I was impressed by the way she was able to communicate the content of her training to us in a lively way using examples from her work. The loving and committed presentation of the topics and the design of the general conditions is another point that struck me as very pleasant. And of course, the wonderful surroundings in Tuscany can hardly be topped! The training with Dr. Barth-Frazzetta is certainly one of the best that is offered in this respect, especially because it also contributes to your own personal development.“

A. Urban, CFO, Orendt Studios Holding GmbH

“The training as a systemic business coach with Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta has enriched me incredibly in both my professional and my private life. The coaching contents are very professionally structured and can be put into practice very well. The relaxed working atmosphere in Tuscany helps to focus on the training when you are outside your everyday environment. Due to the deliberately small group of participants, a personal, trustful and therefore intensive exchange is possible, as the topic of coaching requires. I can recommend this training without any reservations – a great experience!”

S. Iser, Head of Strategic Recruiting & Talent Acquisition, Beiersdorf AG

„The training to become a systemic business coach with Dr Cristina Barth Frazzetta offers an excellent professional training within a retreat environment. Cristina leads the entire training with her extensive professional and life experience. In addition, two of the four modules are complemented by two further highly experienced experts who bring in-depth knowledge in the respective areas. All of this takes place in the beauty of Tuscany, a place of tranquility, so that one can fully immerse oneself in the subject. … Nevertheless, work is done from 10 am to 19 pm. Because of the small group the exchange with the other participants and with Cristina is very intense. The evenings are free for the participants to reflect or to end the day together. Cristina succeeds in pairing North German clarity with Italian ease, putting groups together in such a way that it is a joy and enrichment to work together, thus enabling the participants to experience a unique further education. I can only recommend her!“

J. Becker; HR management, CSL Behring

„… I am very grateful for the profound experience of training and personal development that I have had over the past months. With a high density of content and experience-activating learning and positively stimulating guidance and training, together with my coaching colleagues I have finally managed to achieve coaching certification and at the same time accreditation with the European Coaching Association E.V. Wherever my professional future leads me – employed personnel manager or self-employed coach – I have learned a lot and feel ready to apply what I have learned. I will always look back on this intense time with pleasure. It is also worth mentioning that the success of the training was due in part to the wonderful atmosphere of Villa D’Asso, the mild summer evenings in Montalcino and the all-round service for the well-being of the participants. THANK YOU – a wonderful and recommendable way to learn new things! Cristina, I wish you and your team a lot of success in the future…“



(Book-Content only in German)

Nina Ruge

TV host, book author and journalist

„The grass doesn’t grow faster when you tug on it“. Today, however, tugging grass is the first quality of leadership. Both authors encourage reflection as well as feeling. A new world of work and life triggers a new awareness. This new consciousness will leave the level of pure reason and engage in a dialogue with intuition, even with varieties of love in an open space of strong values and deep desire for change. THE coaching that succeeds as philosophy? “A path to integrated corporate success” – no more and no less!

Yared Terfa Dibaba

actor, television host, entertainer, author and singer

„The Corona Pandemic has turned a lot of things upside down in our lives. Afterwards, many things will no longer be the way they were. This is an opportunity for us to rethink our strategies in all situations in life. The book encourages us to think about paradigms and to question corporate cultures and to tackle leadership issues in a new way. Globalization, diversity, and digitalization offer either challenges or new opportunities, especially in these times. This book will certainly open up new opportunities.“

Petra Bocken

radio editor in a management position

„…In my opinion, questioning the basic assumptions of success and efficiency is indeed overdue. I find your derivation about the “feasibility paradigm” right at the beginning really exciting, according to which we humans assume that we can shape and influence everything and therefore cannot or may not let anything happen just like that…. I was able to follow your thoughts well due to the fluent, understandable way of writing, …In short: The reading was a pleasure and I wish you and your co-author much recognition for your work.“

Clarissa Käfer

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board Käfer AG

„This book is great. I congratulate you! I think the alternation between the two authors is good. I also like the poetic quotations, sensational.“

Kirsten Dahler


„The authors have a broad background and a lot of experience in life, combining different fields such as medicine, psychology, philosophy, business and lifestyle. They invite the readers to self-reflection, to reflect on their own leadership style and to think outside the box. The book offers excellent solutions for many leadership topics and is reassuring because their own leadership style is confirmed in parts. I recommend this excellent support to all managers. Very inspiring! I wish you further success with it“

Alessandro Wernli

GF Bäumer Betriebshygiene VGmbH

„For every manager who wants to be aware of his or her own social responsibility, this book offers an excellent guideline for setting strong impulses for change in a structured and methodical way. As so often in life, such a “change journey” begins with self-knowledge as well as with the understanding of interdependencies within the corporate landscape, because only then can “change” really be successfully managed. The authors also provide valuable insights into this – both into the latest theoretical findings and into real-life examples from their own professional experience. A must read for every manager who wants to move from a purely intuitive to a systemic approach to leadership“