How I can add value to your business

Orientation Coaching

“You have achieved a lot, have learned everything you need to know to practice your profession and you are successful. And yet a slight doubt arises – “Is this what I had once imagined?”, perhaps even a feeling of frustration – “Is that all there is to it?” or a secret thirst for adventure – “I would like to do something completely different now…”. In such situations, your present experience subtly lets you know: “You have a crisis”! In our culture, however, the word “crisis” has a derogatory connotation and therefore tempts us to ignore this vital warning signal instead of using it productively! “Crisis” originally means crossroads or decision point. Understood in this way, it means that we have arrived at an important junction in our lives, where we might lose direction without a conscious choice! Personal orientation coaching with me is entirely dedicated to your current reality and the reality you dream of. Together we discover the possibilities, draft a route plan to get there and define the first steps. Because one thing is certain: every step on your own path will give you the joy of winning and the strength to go on!

Management Coaching

As a Management Coach, I accompany board, executive or management teams to reflect on their cooperation, strategy and challenges. I support you in aligning your views, agreeing on common approaches and strengthening your team spirit. With me as a coach, management teams develop a stronger impact in the company and achieve greater business success.

Personal Coaching

As your Personal Business Coach, I support you in reflecting on yourself in your professional role and developing your leadership qualities. We find out how you can strengthen your influence in your professional environment. And which clever tactics will enable you to deal with corporate politics with confidence.

Team Coaching

As a Team Coach I support the communication and cooperation of international teams by openly discussing and reflecting on unproductive behaviours and their causes. The team members get to know each other better and build mutual trust. They gain a better understanding of the fact that their strengths lie precisely in their differences and are therefore more willing to make use of these differences. This makes it possible to discuss goals and strategies – critically if necessary -, to agree on binding common procedures and to ensure the transfer of these to the work situation.

Group Coaching

In my CoachingCircle for executives you can find your personal leadership style in a trustful framework and develop your leadership strength. The program is based on your questions and the participants professional reality, which, supplemented by appropriate theories and input, are specifically addressed. Through my intuitions from a coach’s perspective and the appreciative and constructive feedback given by the group, you can develop your individual leadership personality.

Health Coaching

Keeping your life in balance and preventing states of exhaustion is the basic requirement for personal and professional success! With my Executive Health Coaching, I have developed a special concept in which my many years of experience as an executive coach are combined with my medical expertise to create a solution-oriented approach. This accompanied time-out breaks a negative spiral and provides profound recovery from accumulated stress. Together we identify behavioral patterns that limit you, we determine values and qualities that are important to you in life and work out appropriate options for actions that are right for you. Your time out thus becomes the starting point for important developments and changes that prevent a relapse into imbalance in the long term.

Advanced training as systemic business coach

It gives me great pleasure to pass on my experience and expertise because it is important to me that coaches have a profound and at the same time practical psychological knowledge for their work with people! Therefore, all my training courses are based on a practical, eclectic approach and teach a variety of proven methods that are certified (ECA). With my interdisciplinary team of lecturers, I guarantee quality and added value for you!

Conference Center Villa D’Asso

You can take advantage of each of my coaching sessions at the inspiring Coaching Center in Tuscany. I offer this possibility because my experience has shown that the effect of a coaching is increased many times during a retreat. The Villa d’Asso is embedded in the quiet countryside of Tuscany with its beautiful vineyards, olive trees and historical villages. This environment causes a multi-layered change of perspective, through which relaxation and contemplation can grow and develop. We have found that the images and impressions of the retreat are permanently anchored to the new knowledge you will be learning; this connects itself strongly in your mind making it easily retrievable in everyday life. As long as you work with me in the Villa d’Asso there will be no other guests. So, you have an absolutely undisturbed space to reflect on your personal or business issues and to develop your innovative solution strategies. You will naturally experience a true “booster effect” and increase in productive energy. Many clients who have taken advantage of my coaching in Tuscany have reported on this wonderful outcome.